Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Shocking : Magic Tricks Gone Terribly Wrong


Often, we see magicians do their tricks flawless. Unfortunately, there are some who came on live TV lacking a bit of rehearsal. Watch these 5 magicians who put themselves at risk just for the purpose of entertainment. The last one will make you cringe.

Magicians nowadays do not only occupy the streets to show off their tricks but they take live television to cover more audience. As mentioned, not all magicians are perfect sometimes they commit mistakes and just left them during rehearsals but not these magicians on this video.
On one of the episodes of Britain’s Got Talent, one magician faced one of his greatest nightmares – to be in the verge of life and death due to unsuccessful magic trick. His wife accidentally set her target towards the wrong direction which hit his neck.

Let’s exclude the second one because the act was done during the rehearsal wherein popular magician Chris Angel almost died inside a cube full of water to execute his escape trick but in the end fell unconscious.

The third and the fourth magic tricks featured in third video involved the guessing game. Magicians guessed where the pointed object such as knives and nails inside paper bags by punching their palms on each of the bags. Unfortunately, the third magician asked the host of the show to try the trick but ended up tragically. She punched the wrong bag as assisted by the magician where a nail got stuck in her hand.

We won’t spoil the last one but as disclaimer, we advise you to expect the worst with the last magic act you will about to see.


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