Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sharlene San Pedro "HINIMATAY " Caught On Camera


Miles Ocampo, Sharlene’s bestfriend, shared on her vvlog Sharlene’s greatest nightmare experience that caused her to pass out literally, during the live filming. To know more about the details, watch the following video.

While bestfriends Miles Ocampo and Sharlene San Pedro were scheduled to have a blood check-up, a shocking scene happened that left everyone very worried about Sharlene’s condition.
As the filming went on, Miles revealed that Sharlene has a tendency to pass out every time blood sample is being taken out from her. At first, Miles was not very worried as to what will happen to her best friend as nurse started the procedure. She still continued to film and even threw jokes to her best friend.

We can’t blame Miles because by observing Sharlene, she looked very okay and rode on the antics of Miles as she’s undergoing the procedure.  Sharlene was staring on how the nurse extracts her blood from her finger. Unfortunately, not enough blood was extracted which came to the part that the nurse need to prick again her finger.

As the procedure continues, the quality of the video deteriorate and that was the time when Sharlene suddenly fell from her seat. The atmosphere changed and the people around started panicking. Fortunately, Sharlene was able to return to conscious but the procedure didn’t push through because of what happened.

Is Sharlene sick or is she just suffering from a severe case of hemophobia? What do you think happened to her?


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