Friday, January 13, 2017

Robin Padilla Finally Meet His Baby Isabela Upclose For The First Time


After many issues of miscarriage that occured to the Padilla couple-- Mariel and Robin-- it is always a great miracle and the biggest blessing that the couple will ever receive. We can recall as well that Mariel had to be away from the country and take a break from work to migrate to USA in order to have a safe pregnancy and a well-taken healthcare for her delivery and a safe haven for their new baby. After a long time, they were indeed blessed with a lovely baby girl that they named "Isabella".

But that doesn't end there because Mariel had posted way back on Instagram about her worry on not being able to produce enough breast milk to provide for her baby that even if they wanted to breastfeed the baby, they opted out for infant formula. The new Padilla princess is pampered at its finest until they arrived rcently at the airport and the father, Robin, was finally able to meet her beautful baby girl.

Mariel Rodriguez arrived at the airport carrying a pink baby carrier at one arm as she welcomed her husband who was waiting for her. They hugged and kissed, then Robin hovered down to her daughter who was peacefully sleeping. Robin almost cried tears of joy upon seeing her child for the first time. Apparently, distance is really a problem especially for a family who is longing for warmth and touch. It is really evident that Robin has really missed his family alot after being separated for quite a long time when his wife had to move to USA to continue her pregnancy. But now she has returned home, there would be pure bliss for the couple once again now that they have their little angel with them to complete their home.


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