Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rbreezy Model Returns To Social Media, So She Did This


RBreezy babe Mariel Jane Russel Mallillin surprises her fans with her comeback on facebook and along with her come back, she posted this very sexy video of her showing off her asset. Watch the video below to see what we are talking about.

This recent video of Rbreezy babe Mariel gained a lot of different reactions coming from the netizens due to the explicit content of her video. Before we go through what the netizens have to say, let’s bit by bit dissect the viral video through our own judgement.

As seen in the video, the Rbreezy babe was dressed in a little clothing – plunging crop top and micro mini shorts.  The sexy chick danced in the tune of “Starving” by Rapsy and as many expected, everyone’s focus was drawn to her ‘asset’ because it was almost exposed to the point that a little blow of the cold wind of January would show ‘everything’.

We can’t blame the Mariel because it’s really her image and she’s all in control of what she wanted to portray or display in public. On the other hand, we do laud her very fair and flawless complexion which we think boosted her confidence to display her sizzling hot sexiness in front of everyone’s eyes.

The netizens are in unison with how they perceived or took the video. They thought that it’s explicit to be posted online without any disclaimer.

What can you say about this viral video of Mariel? Do you also agree with the majority?

You can watch the clip here