Friday, January 13, 2017

Poser Became Bridge to the Amazing Love Story of this Couple


Falling in love to the person you just met online is risky but if you have the courage to pursue your feelings for the person you never met personally, well, you might pretty end up together, just like this viral real love story of this couple. Know more by reading the following post.

Facebook user Manuel Cañada asked the help of his friends to find the girl as well as the real identity of the girl that made him fall head-over-heels. This post was the aftermath of the experience that Manuel had been through for the past two years – being in loved with poser.

Through the said post, the real identity of the girl was revealed thanks to Manuel’s friend who discovered that the woman he’s been looking for is the cousin of the girl’s poser.

Geneva Delariarte Mopal narrated on her post how she and Manuel Cañada met. She was dumbfounded that her cousin who stole her identity led her to meeting the man of her dreams. The said post was uploaded on Geneva and Manuel’s first month anniversary which included some of the screenshots of their conversation during the span of their blossoming feelings for each other.

Yes, you heard it right, Geneve and Manuel ended up together but as of now, they still didn’t see each other in personal yet because Geneve is living in Great Britain while Manuel is here in the Philippines.

Due to this, many netizens express their excitement as to when these two will meet. Hopefully, very soon!


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