Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Piolo Pascual and Son Inigo Covers Chainsmokers "Closer"


It’s quite rare to see the father and son tandem of Piolo and Iñigo Pascual expecially when they share the same screen showcasing both their talents. On the following video, you wish is our command.
It’s been known to the public that Piolo and his son Iñigo are very close to each other to the point that some thought that they are brothers not only because of Piolo’s youthful look but also by how they treat each other. This viral video proved it.

A lot of celebrities have been uploading their videos singing when they drive and adding to the growing list are Piolo and his son Iñigo. And the song that they jammed together? Well, it’s none other than “Closer” by The Chainsmokers’ – the pambansang song of 2016 as labelled by the netizens.

In the viral video, Piolo Pascual is manoeuvring the wheels while Iñigo is on the passenger’s seat keeping the coverage lively before they started singing. Iñigo shared some stories and asked the opinion of his father about some topics.

When the song started, the mood changed as Iñigo opened the song. Piolo, on the other hand, sang the bridge and the chorus of the song but on some parts he admitted that he didn’t know the lyrics of the entire song especially on the last part. Fortunately, his son saved the day and finished the song with justice.
They both sing very well, right?


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