Tuesday, January 31, 2017

PBB Housemate Kisses Delavin Answers Beauty Pageant Question


Kisses Delavin may represent the Philippines in the future Miss Universe beauty contest. Not just because she is beautiful but also she is so smart.

One very remarkable episode during the PBB Teen Edition last year 2016 was when the big brother house hosted the PBB Pageant inside the famed residence. Because of the Miss Universe beauty pageant hype, viewers and netizens are throwing back this episode around the internet and gives a round of applause once again for the housemates who made it into the Top 3 of the said event inside the house, but among the three, the one that stood out the most was Kisses Delavin, who left the people captivated by the way she answered the question thrown at her during the Q&A portion. It left people feeling heartfelt and inspired to continue living and survive the demands of everyday.

Kisses, who was known to be a beauty queen and has been joining pageants and beauty contests outside the world of the house, answered the question with pure grace and glamour that just manage to capture the hearts of every Filipino for its very heartfelt message. Robbie Domingo and Bianca Gonzales were the masters of the night, and the question they asked Kisses and the other two is this: “What can you say about the people who have low self-esteem?”

Kisses walked with elegance and answered it confidently: “What I can say first, is I want to give them a hug. Because I know how it feels like to have insecurities. But what I can say is that, they are very strong people. Because the hardest thing is to look in the mirror and be sad about how you look like. But the most important thing is how you get up. So thank you for being sensitive, that’s normal, but it’s how you get up that matters most. You are beautiful. You are appreciated. You are important. Thank you.”

The words left people in awe and inspired to get a move on and conquer all the things that try to pull them down and to get up and be a stronger version of themselves tomorrow.

Could Kisses Delavin possibly be qualified to represent the country someday on a Miss Philippines beauty pageant?

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