Saturday, January 14, 2017

Passengers Complain and Post about A Taxi Driver , Digital Karma Fires Back



Think before you react is almost the same as think before you click on social media. Apparently, this is not so well-known about the girl and her father who rode a taxi yesterday, June 13, 2017. She happens to capture a video recording of the conversation they had inside—she, her father, and the taxi driver they were complaining about. The driver seemed rude and hot-headed because of her father who was already raising his voice and mocking the poor taxi driver who, in turn, was just trying to stand his ground within the argument. The girl, Ashby Aldane Cruz (Facebook name), posted the video on her Facebook account hoping to gain sympathy from other netizens but turns out, the tables have turned against them because of their arrogant and hurtful words thrown towards the driver who they had a word fight with.

The driver and her father was apparently having an argument inside the cab because at first, the father rode the taxi and requested to be dropped off at Amparo, but because of the traffic at Litex, the driver decided to take an alternate route to avoid the jam, but turns out that the “shortcut” was a bit more unmoving than the supposed highway. About the same time, Ashby rode a bus on Litex and claimed that yes, it was traffic but it was nevertheless flowing and moving than the “alternate route” the driver chose to take. To make the story short, Ashby dropped off at a nearby fastfood restaurant along Redwoods and her father said that they will just pick her up right there. According to the story of the father, the driver was hesitant to do so because they have agreed to drop him off by Amparo, the original destination, and it was in no way he was supposed to do that, but nevertheless the driver agreed anyways. Soon as she’s picked up, they again requested to drop by a nearby Mercury Drug (drugstore) to apparently buy some medicine but the driver did not agree and that is where the spat sparked in because he [the father] demanded for the driver to wait for a moment, and the driver did not agree to that and asked for the meter to be paid instead and they will part ways then on. The father insisted and acted as if the taxi driver was their own personal driver, saying, “Marami akong pera, marami akong pambayad! [I’ve got lots of money, I’ve got lots to pay for you!]” and that gave an impression that either way, both parties were arrogant and insulting.

They have settled anyway, according to the post, to a police station to report the incident. Anyway, fire has already started to circulate the internet both parties are now equally publicly shamed—but fire burns more to the one who posted herself and the unlikely post-worthy ranting on social media. Lesson learned: Think before you speak, think before you click.


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