Sunday, January 22, 2017

Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach Met Her Kalook alike


Many are fighting for the crown of the “Miss Universe” title, and Philippines is fortunate enough to bring home the bacon for the country of Philippines for last year’s prestigious beauty contest amidst the pressure and the countries she competed against to earn the renowned title of the pageant. While not everyone can have such pretty face or such confidence to stand out and represent the country for that event, a mysterious woman sparked on the internet because of being an exact, carbon-copy of Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach. Netizen are baffled for the identity of this woman because of her uncanny resemblance with Queen P.

Her brows, her lips, and even her smile were exactly the same as Pia. She is, without a doubt, a doppelganger of Queen P. And when the universe really conspires, the two were destined to meet finally—a time-space continuum experience indeed for both. The queen’s look-alike was identified by the name Glenn Krishnan. Their photo went viral after Queen P posted on Instagram wherein she met Glenn at long last at a MAC Aids Fund event for 65th Miss Universe Pageant. They took a selfie after the many photos that circulated online, comparing their pictures and faces side-by-side. The ladies were totally twinning with one another. Glenn seemed to be a simpler version of Pia, and of what Pia could look like without all the makeup. Glenn’s face is more of a plain version of the glamorous Queen P, and look very much alike to her that she actually look either the twin or the younger sister.

Netizens pointed out the resemblance of their lips and brows. At first look, you might actually think they are twins-separated-from-birth. The ladies were a talk of the town because of their resemblance with one another. Most were totally amused, bewildered, and simply wowed. Pia and Glenn are both models, and both are of foreign descent. Pia’s father is a German, while Glenn is of Indian-Singaporean blood.


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