Saturday, January 21, 2017

Maris Racal Imitates the Viral "Nung Ako'y Bata Pa With Budak "


Former PBB Teen housemate Maris Racal shows her fun and quirky side when she makes a cute parody of the viral video of two kids who fought in front of the camera called “Budak!” because the elder kid was supposed to be recording a song cover of herself in front of the camera while her younger bro was making wacky faces at her side. The kid punched her younger bro on the cheek wherein it took vengeance by spanking her and yanking her from the back. She cried to her mama and complained about her brother, Budak, who ruined her stardom career because of making wacky faces and completely destroying her “Facebook post”.

Maris impersonated the kids with her friend by re-enacting the same exact scene the two kids did, only a bit wilder [her friend’s yank and slaps seemed real for us!] and funnily cute. Maris was extremely adorable while parodying the kid who cried in front of the camera. The celebrity was simply gorgeous with her donned makeup and hair and even though she makes quirky and wacky crying faces in front of the camera, the girl did not really mind. We know the saying, “People who are really beautiful is not afraid to make wacky faces in front of the camera,” and indeed, Maris has grown so much after her Pinoy Big Brother days long gone.

Maris were also known for her previous videos, aside from making fun impersonations, to which she was actually making covers of different popular songs and music right now. She can play the guitar really well, can act well, and has got some hell lot of great singing talent. We absolutely love the one she videoed back then, a cover of the song from the animated film, “Ratatouille”, a French song entitled “Le Festin” to which she made a guitar and song cover of the said song considering it is of a different language. We can say that Maris may not seem as controversial and makes a lot of noise in the scene, she can excel in so many ways and can absolutely show her fun side without a feeling of remorse at all.


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