Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Liza Soberano To Join Ms Universe Next Year ?


 During the Miss Universe National Gift Auction at Conrad Hotel, Enrique Gil told on his interview that Liza Soberano will be the next Miss Universe. Has Liza finally made out her mind to join the prestigious beauty contest? Know the answer by watching the following video.

Without Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil attended the event and could not stop talking about her. In one instance, he told on his interview that he believes Liza Soberano got what it takes to be the next Miss Universe.
“Ang pinaka-type ko pa rin, my love, Liza Soberano. She’s going to be the next Miss Universe, I’m telling you right now,” Gil told although he’s still supporting our country’s bet this year Maxine Medina.
He also added that he will be supporting his love team all the way and even betting all his money because he knew that Liza possesses beauty queen qualities including her natural character and pleasing personality.
“I will bet all my money in the world for her to join and she’s gonna win Miss Universe because she’s the sweetest little girl, no pretensions. Whatever she says on the stage is what she really is,” Gil added.
Apart from Enrique Gil, Miss Universe 2015 also expressed her desire for Liza Soberano to enter the world of pageants believing that Liza’s beauty fits for pageants and she’s all natural.
Are we going to expect Liza Soberano to enter pageantry in the near future?


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