Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jhong Hilario Helps An Old Man Who Was Hit By A Motorcycle


We all know him by simply being one of those celebrities who provides laughter and excellent time during lunch time on their noontime show It’s Showtime. Also known for being an excellent dancer of Street Boys along with former dance groupmate, Vhong Navarro, and dubbed as the “Sample King” of the noontime show because of his amazing stunts and somersaults incorporated with his grooves, Jhong Hilario also proved that he is more than everything we know and see about him behind the TV screen.

He was recently caught on cam by a concerned citizen after a road accident that happened along the Magallanes flyover involving an old man who has been apparently hit by a reckless motorcycle driver. Jhong shed his soft spot to his fellowmen by providing help and assistance to the old man after it had met an unfortunate incident. He tried to comfort the old man by staying beside him, soothing him and calming him while the celebrity calls for help from the bystanders that began to flock around the crime scene. In obvious pain and helplessness, Jhong stayed beside him until help has arrived to provide healthcare and assistance to the man. The one who uploaded the video, Gapasin, wrote on the caption of the video:

“Saksi ako sa paghinto at pagsaklolo ni Coun. Jhong sa matandang tumawid sa Magallanes flyover na nabundol ng rumaragasang motorsiklo... Idol Konsehal Jhong Hilario.”

[“I have witnessed Coun. Jhong stop by and aided the old man that crossed the Magallanes flyover and was hit by a reckless driver of a motorcycle. Councilor Jhong Hilario, we idolized you.”]

The video immediately spread across Facebook and garnered more than 100,000 views by netizens. One thing to say about Jhong Hilario’s action is that not all celebrities can do that he had posted a great role model for youngsters and adults alike, so we could say is that: “Be Like Jhong”.


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