Monday, January 2, 2017

Jessy Mendiola Allegedly Mocks Angel Locsin's Hair Loss


After the controversy Jessy Mendiola faced after winning the F H M top Woman 2016, and being the rumored-lover-turned-girlfriend of Luis Manzano who came after a short breakup with the renowned Angel Locsin, she is back again on the spotlight facing another issue about the scandalous Instagram picture she posted on her account. The post immediately garnered a number of nasty remarks from bashers and haters who apparently linked the post to Angel Locsin, Luis’ ex, who is suffering from a severe sickness right now.

Jessy, posted on her IG account a picture of a woman wearing a wig resembling the internationally famous artist, Sia, who is known for a signature of wearing wigs like casual. She captioned it: “The Greatest”, which appeared to be the title of the singer’s album. Pro-Angel Locsin fans and Anti-Jessy bashers linked the issue to Luis’ ex who was reported to be suffering from a severe hair loss due to her sickness. Some people say she was throwing shades to the actress meaning she was apparently picking on Angel Locsin and mocking her sickness, expressing it through an idiom of having to connect it to an acquaintance or a friend to throw nasty remarks towards them. Jessy seems to be very unusually inappropriate having to post it at this time with regards to Angel’s condition. The actress has not yet given any statement regarding her IG post and chose rather to remain silent and let her haters burn fires within themselves.

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Angel has experienced a lot of downfalls right now both in physical and emotional health after having Luis breakup with her for Jessy Mendiola. Now, Jessy constantly throws shades at her after seemingly “stealing” Luis from her, and still, she gets to the point that her posts were overly below-the-belt or that her haters just wanted to over-interpret the many things just to spark war and controversy between the actresses or that Jessy just wanted to stay relevant unto the news.


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