Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gretchen Barretto Gets Jealous Over Miss India Caught On Camera


Jealous Gretchen Barretto posted a video on her social media account during the gala night for Miss Universe candidates to be held this year on the Philippines wherein her husband, Tonyboy Cojuangco, was seated beside the Miss Universe candidate of India. Gretchen was seated away from her husband and across both Tonyboy and Miss India.

The video showed Gretchen, teasing her husband, and sounding quite hostile with her words even though there is a sound of amusement and naughtiness with her voice, but we can’t keep on thinking that this is one, jealous celebrity wife! Gretchen apparently teased her husband after she saw him trying to flirt with Miss India beside him, whispering to her ear and apparently cracking some casual jokes to the Miss U candidate. Miss India appeared to be more formal even when Tonyboy tries to talk to her every now and then, which Gretchen, probably more jealous now, mutters to Miss India: “I am the wife!” then pointing towards Tonyboy. Miss India responded friendly to her and seemingly asked Tonyboy, “Is she your wife?”. Tonyboy looked towards Gretchen and his facial expression changed a bit and nodded to Miss India. Afterwards, nothing followed the conversation of the two. Gretchen ended the video with a sarcastic sigh, “Hay naku!” while laughing with her friends.

Tonyboy Cojuangco and Gretchen Barretto has been a long-time couple ever since, and their relationship was even stronger than Gretchen’s sisters, Marjorie and Claudine—who, both divorced with their husbands. Tonyboy was known to be a successful businessman and came to an influential family background of business people. The couple had a beautiful daughter named Dominique, and was living as gorgeous as her celebrity mom. Everyone’s admiring Gretchen’s beauty, and it would be such a shame if Tonyboy would be flirting with another woman. But we know the saying: “Men might be flirting all day, but their heart belongs only to one woman.” This can apply to the viral video of Gretchen and explains that the couple shared stronger bonds together.


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