Thursday, January 12, 2017

Funny : Ryan Bang's Answers in Boy Abunda's Question and Answer Portion


Through the years of working in the industry of show business, former PBB Teen Housemate and Korean It’s ShowTime! host, Ryan Bang, blew every people’s heads laughing and radiating good vibes after he accepted to have an interview with Boy Abunda on his late night show, TWBA. Boy Abunda’s intriguing fast talk questions and the Korean actor’s answers left viewers laughing like crazy.

Ryan Bang is simply one of the most in-demand comedians in the Philippines despite him being a Korean who, after many years of living in the country, cannot speak yet in perfect Filipino language because he just makes every Filipino laugh effortlessly. His interview with Tito Boy recently, on its “Fast Talk” segment, a lot of intriguing questions were thrown at the actor and some he didn’t manage to answer or that he was somehow playing safe on his answers.

Questions like: “Mestiza or Morena?”, “Saging [banana], manga [mango]?”, “Rice, noodles?”, “Huling taong finollow mo sa Twitter? [Last person you followed on Twitter?], “Ilang taon ka unang nakahalik ng babae? [What age did you first kissed a girl?]”, and even the most controversial and intriguingly sensitive question: “S*x or Kimchi?” which Ryan chose not to answer, instead, jokingly said that he is not able to answer that because Ma’am Charo, the big boss of the ABS-CBN network, might dress in rage the “fudge barr” way. People may not understand what Ryan could be saying or could be murmuring when he speaks because of his incapability and for not being fluent enough to speak the Filipino language, seems like it just adds up to the humor he had whenever he tries to do crazy antics and casual jokes that he uses almost everyday to bring joy and laughter to Filipino viewers all over the world.

Netizens flooded the comments section soon as the video was uploaded to Tito Boy’s Facebook page gathering more than 5 million views, 111,000 Facebook reactions, and more than 62,000 shares all over social media.


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