Friday, January 6, 2017

Extraordinary Dog in LRT Helps Owner To Pay His Tuition


This kid and his dog instantly became online celebrities due to their tandem. Hit the play button to see how they caught the attention of the netizens.

Originally posted by Dessa Andres, this video of a boy and his furry friend gained million of views online all because of their unique way of entertaining people particularly the LRT passengers at Central Station in Manila.

As seen in the video, the dog can do extraordinary tricks such as dancing in the tune of Willie Revillame’s “Boom Tarat Tarat”, playing dead and even simple arithmetic because of the unusual scene on the side street, many by passers flock to witness the dog’s little show along with his owner.
Well, the extraordinary tricks of this dog are not the only reason why many are entertained but also the way he presented himself. Of course, as a performer, one must dress to impress. For this viral dog’s case, he kept himself comfortable yet presentable in a black shirt with print and with dazzling neck details.

People don’t just throw their rewards to the dog because the furry pal carries his basket to collect some amount from his audience. And speaking of the amount that’s been collected from the people watching, the said amount is being used by the dog’s owner to continue his studies because his parents can no longer support his education fully.

So the next time you would see this tandem, never hesitate to watch and give them a little amount.

Watch the viral video here 


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