Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bilog and Bunak Real Life Story. This Will Make You Cry


Behind the instant internet fame of the kids, “Bilog” and “Bunak”, for their viral video that gained a landslide of shares and likes across Facebook because of the hilarious incidental thing that happened between the siblings. Bilog, the young girl, was actually filming a song cover of the Filipino translation of the song “Dance with my Father”, while his young brother, Bunak, was sitting beside her and making wacky and funny faces in front of the camera alongside her elder sister. Bilog immediately stopped singing and punched Bunak on the cheek because of annoyance. Bunak took revenge by shaking her at the back and running off, having the tendency of the kids hilariously calling for their mother for their “sumbungan” moments. A lot of netizens shared the video and celebrities made various parodies and renditions of the said video.

So recently, on an episode of the top-rating magazine TV show, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”, they featured the kids from the viral video. They searched for the location of the kids and found them somewhere along the train rails of the busy streets of Manila. The family resided on a small slum area built beside the railway of PNR, and as it was very obvious that the community living there is struggling for surviving their everyday lives due to poverty. The kids happen to record the said video on a phone left by their elder sister. Bilog was doing the dishes when she decided to record a song cover. She admitted that it was actually for their father. Their mother, claimed that her husband, the father of her children including Bilog and Bunak, ran away from home and never came back, leaving her on decrepit condition to raise all five kids by herself. And even if life was very tough, she managed nevertheless to provide for them by selling rice cakes and “kakanin” in the morning, and “balut” [fertilized duck egg] at night. It was an everyday routine, and the kids were the only one to take care of themselves, especially Bilog, whom her mother has always trusted to look after her siblings.

Bilog’s main reason for recording the video is to call the attention of her father who never came back home soon as he left “for work”. At a very young age, it seems not fair. And the only wish of the young girl is for her father to return and reunite with them once again, hoping for a wish that seems impossible and blurry by now, she hoped at very least that through Facebook, their father may change his mind and return to them once again.

Behind the laughs and shares of people around internet, there is always a longing heart of a child, hoping to “dance with her father” once again.


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