Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Anne Curtis Surprises Fiance Erwan A Birthday Surprises


Anne Curtis has been recently making lots of happy news around the internet since her boyfriend-turned-fiancé posted his video coverage of his proposal for the actress, and when Anne seemingly posted a picture on her social media account wearing a beautiful, wedding gown captioned: “Soon to be Mrs. Heussaff.” Now, Anne is trending once again after she crazily surprises her fiancé for his birthday.

Anne posted a video where she was holding a rectangular, chocolate birthday cake topped with a couple of little candles and apparently sneaking inside Erwan Heussaff’s room. The actress had a few accomplices with her at the back, including her soon-to-be-sister-in-law, Solenn Heusaff. She hushes right into the camera and silently opened the door to Erwan’s room and steps in towards the side of his bed. Lights were out and the room was in pitch darkness, Anne and her league steps in and yells out: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and two of her accomplices, and probably closest friends, pics out a slice of cake and smothers on the face of the sleeping Erwan’s face. They woke him up on a total blast, Solenn focused on his brother’s face and zooms in to him, Erwan was like, “What the hell?” which was immediately prompted with a smile of glee on his face after seeing her soon-to-be-wife, Anne Curtis, holding a lovely birthday cake in front of him. Anne switches the lights on and went over to Erwan to let him blow the candles out. Solenn was crazily jumping and laughing in front of her brother’s face, Erwan pushes her off the bed and gets up to blow the candles from Anne’s cake even with his face fully covered in chocolate cake.

Anne and Erwan has been on a long-term relationship and a lot of trials might have probably challenged their relationship through time. Sums up that the couple will be having a happy marriage life soon as they tie the know this year 2017.


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