Saturday, January 14, 2017

Andrea Brillantes, Kylene Alcantara Who Does this Better ?



There has been a debate on who is the real “” queen between two teen stars, Andrea Brillantes and Kyline Alcantra. Both stars worked together back then on “Annaliza” as child stars. They had been separated since then as they grew up to be beautiful young ladies. Kyline played the role of the antagonist on their drama series way back, whereas Andrea portrayed the role of the soft and gentle Annaliza. The feud was left back on the story, but now they are having an internal competition again on who did a better job on their videos.

Andrea Brillantes has been making noise on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook about her awesome Musical.lys that reached across the globe, having a lot of foreign viewers who are admiring and getting inspired with her styles and tricks on using the app. Andrea really had the moves and the tricks that is why some earned her an admiration from the fans. Andrea is good at hand tricks and camera tricks which is important when doing a video. Camera angles and hand gestures along with the beat makes a topnotch, which has been nailed by Andrea. From anywhere you look, this girl looks just as an awesome hipster that she is.

Alongside with Andrea goes the challenge Kyline Alcantara. Kyline has been trying out the same app as Andrea, but Kyline could go a bit more femme on the movements and camera tricks. While Andrea can have a lot of edges on her moves and camera tricks, Kyline can do a better job on having to do her moves in a more feminine and soft way. Her face and body was more matured and feminine now than Andrea, and that’s why it reflects her personality on the way she uses the app.

Fans and followers are divided in their opinion as to where to put the crown on being the queen of Some fans of Andrea voted to Kyline and some were sticking to Andrea ‘til the end. While we can never judge who did a great job on it, we’re living the verdict and the choice up to you.


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