Thursday, January 5, 2017

Amazing Vape Tricks By Toni Fowler


Rbreezy model Toni Fowler trended again online for her video featuring  her vape tricks. Watch the following video and feel warm this season.

Since it’s been quite freezing cold for the past few days and this chilling climate is expected to continue until late February, many tried different ways to relieve the bone-shattering winter breeze. Some chose to feel warm by staying inside their house to hibernate while some let their body to produce more heat by sweating out and eating comfort foods.

If the mentioned alternatives do not work for you, maybe this video of Toni Fowler would at least send you enough amount of heat to your seat.

This video of Toni Fowler instantly went viral especially to the male community online. Of course, male netizens are Toni’s market that’s why we are not very surprised why a lot of her viewers are men in all of her videos including this one.

Wearing a very revealing outfit that highlighted all of her assets, Toni Fowler teased her viewers with her sexy vape tricks in this 26-second video. It can be seen that the Rbreezy model is already a pro when it comes to handling the Vape equipment. She can do circles out of smoke which only an experienced vape user can exhibit.

As of this writing, the originally uploaded video of Toni Fowler sexily vaping has hit 400K views.


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