Monday, January 23, 2017

Aljur Abrenica Got Bashed in Social Media After kylie Padilla Admitted That She is Pregnant


Fans now bombard Aljur Abrenica’s Instagram account after the annunciation of Kylie’s pregnancy. Many are enraged to the actor because of him, hindering Kylie’s growing success and career on the show business after having been given a big break to play the role of Amihan from Encantadia. Some comments state the curse word from the fantasy series, muttering “Pashnea!” to the actor. They were congratulating him, but at the same time, calling him a douche bag for “ruining” Kylie’s career, because having a baby on a tummy on a stressing world of showbiz is not healthy for the mommy and the baby. Some also pointed out that Aljur dragged Kylie’s career down to the mud because he, himself, had a career crashing down to pieces, pointing out that what will he feed his family, CDO hotdogs? (The actor was a known endorser of the hotdog brand).

"aliyahbyran@jazprey dapat Kung love talaga Nya ang babae future Muna i isip
bellablancableachWant a permanent and instant white?Ung hindi na babalik sa dating kulay pag ginagamit mo?Peklat na mula pagkabata?d mkpag shorts? Acne,stretchmarks,maitim na kilikili atbp?May solusyon ako diyan mga sissy..SAFE sa buntis at nursing moms.DM to know more :)
jazprey@aliyahbyran oo nga dinamay pa si kylie, oo mahal nya pero dapat ba buntisin nya habang may project pa
miss_nicayHala paano na po si Amihan kung buntis siya sa totoong buhay @ajabrenica"

While Kylie was not very much in apt with defending herself or Aljur from the public rage, she posted on her IG account: “There are so many reasons to be happy.” And from that, the people are now being given a hint that Kylie feels no remorse at all from her pregnancy


  1. Wag nyo naman po sanang ibash si aljur kace ginusto nila yan tsaka wala kayong karapatan mag husga ng kapwa tao. Porket ba ganyan lang si aljur gaganyanin nyo na dapat nga di kayo nakikialam dyan kace may sarili naman kayong buhay. wag yong buhay ng may buhay lets be happy for the both of them.