Thursday, January 12, 2017

6 Reasons Why Everyone Is Crushing On Sue Ramirez


While the limelight is set on spotting almost every beautiful face captured on the camera scene, and there is an undeniable fact that every young actress is beautiful on their own way, having to possess a face-worthy chance to earn a hundred thousand likes and a dose of talent to show-off and prove that they are more than just a pretty face, not everyone can survive without a dash of gleam and glow to be put on their lovely faces, and that is what made Sue Ramirez a cut-above-the-rest young actress a total celeb crush of many people right now.

So, why do we love Sue? Here are six reasons why Sue Ramirez is total glam and makes her fans head-over-heels in love with her:

1.    Her natural beauty. Unlike many young actresses right now possessed with a heavy load of contouring and highlight and an eyelash coated with loads of mascara, Sue did not need any of those to prove that her beauty can outshine others. She’s one of those blessed people who is already Instagram-ready, magazine cover-girl worthy face that cuts above the rest effortlessly. Her beauty if effortless and she doesn’t need a full-face makeup coverage to make her beauty stand out because it is already written all over her. But to say, it does not mean we don’t love her with makeup! This girl can rock on both looks: glam and boyish. Get a girl that can do both, or better yet, get a girl who is like Sue.

2.    Her A+ sense of style. Girly stuffs and dresses is very feminine, but tomboyish outfits and grunge-hipster fashion style can make a girl stand-out and comfy. Sue Ramirez can do both ways and that’s why we love this girl. Shirts, jeans, and a pair of sneakers are Sue’s best friend whenever she just wanted to live a normal life outside the big world of showbiz.

3.    Sue-wim suit gal. Okay, so we’ll know if a girl can really shine her beauty out when we finally strip her out of some clothing she normally wears. Sue had a really nice beach body and did not need sexy two-piece swimsuits to be called “sexy”. It may sound completely unfair, but aside from a pretty face, this girl had some great body as well.

4.    She possessed the voice of an angel. We all know that Sue is a great singer and we can remember her from when she sung the theme song of “Dolce Amore”. It was a voice of an angel and Sue has simply got it all. From belting out high notes, she can also do rock and rap songs. Seriously, Sue? What is it that you don’t have?

5.    She’s a SUE-shi roll of sexiness, silliness, and cuteness. You’ll know that someone is confident with her own skin when she’s not afraid to show off and do wacky faces in front of a camera and make a fool out of herself. She’s witty and funny in every way and Sue is simply radiating positive and cuteness vibes all over her.


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