Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yasmien Kurdi And Katrina Halili " NAGKAPIKUNAN SA DRESSING ROOM "


Katrina Halili is back and making noise once again around the internet after she and her co-actress Yasmien Kurdi had a quarrel that they had been hurting each other on the set when the scenes are supposed to be fake. According to Yasmien, Katrina threw a mirror at her inside the dressing room after they had a dispute on a certain scene. Yasmien admitted what happened by stating: “Nagkapikunan kami sa dressing room na binato nya ako ng salamin!”

Yasmien also added that the quarrel resulted from a particular scene in their soap opera, entitled Sa Piling ni Nanay, that it was so intense that there are some moves that went overboard that it had caused injury to both of the actresses. Yasmien also included on her statement: “Ang nangyari kasi… iniiwasan talaga namin magkasakitan. As in lahat fake, pati mga sampalan and all. Tapos nilalagyan nalang effects minsan kasi nga ang sakit na ng katawan namin. Minsan may mga sugat ako. Anyways, si Kat kasi minsan, pag nasasaktan din sya, gumaganti! So there was this time na nag-away kami [sa eksena], tapos natadyakan… basta nahawakan ko sya ng madiin tapos natadyakan nya ko ng heels dito [points to her tummy]. Tapos sabi ko sakanya, ‘O, bakit mo ko tinadyakan? Ang sakit huh!’…” But Yasmien shrugged it all off and said it was okay and then they hugged each other. Yasmien also admitted on her being quite a chatterbox, she went over to Kuya Jojo, their executive producer, and there she told that Katrina did not want to be beaten on some scenes that she eventually finds a way to avenge herself. Kuya Jojo immediately teased Katrina but it was only for a joke, but Katrina took it differently that she became peevish right then on. It then prompted the controversy where Katrina threw the mirror on Yasmien inside the dressing room. They had an exchange of words inside but it had been settled rightaway when Katrina apologized to Yasmien. Katrina apparently mentioned that she did not just know how to say sorry because of the guilt and everything.

The two now tries not to be carried away by the scenes that they might potentially hurt each other, so this time, they are now more cautious on executing the scenes. They were friends, and they were batchmates as well on the first ever talent search StarStruck.


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