Friday, December 9, 2016

WATCH: Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro entered PBB house for mannequin challenge


Recently, Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro surprised the “Pinoy Big Brother” regular housemates in noontime which was televised live in “It’s Showtime”. What did they do inside the PBB house? Find out by watching the following video.

Noon time inside the PBB house, the housemates were all busy doing their own routine and without their idea, Vice and Vhong were given a task by Big Brother on that same day.
Since the mannequin challenge has been the recent craze nowadays, Vice and Vhong were tasked to come inside the PBB house to give the housemates a harder time to accomplish the mannequin challenge.

The mechanics is simple, the housemates just need to pause and hold their pose when the music stops. Simple, right? But as mentioned, Vice and Vhong were in the PBB house to challenge more the housemates. After the housemates did their pose, Vice and Vhong altered their gestures by moving some parts of their body.

Of course, Vice funnily took advantage of the opportunity to caress the housemate hotties especially, Tanner. During the task, all the hotties were outside to do some exercise and weightlifting. It was save the best for last. When Vice and Vhong reached the pool area, they gave male housemates some very challenging pose.

As they were all lifting some weights, both Vice and Vhong required the hotties to lift one of their feet and raise their arms higher while of course, holding the dumbbells.
A lot of very antics happened during this task that we can no longer contain in our article. That’s why, better hit the button now and watch the video below.


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