Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Watch : Pinoy Funny Stand Up Comedian Trends In Social Media


Overseas Filipino Workers were so much delighted with how stand-up comedian Bubsie entertained the crowd with her very funny number together with chosen audience.

Bubsie is not as famous yet as the top comedians of today’s generation but after watching this, you will surely tell to yourself that this newbie deserves more exposure on television.

During her segment, Bubsie made use of some audience to fulfil her very comedic segment. She chose a number of men from the audience and jokingly ordered them according to their looks. The first person whom she found the most handsome was later found a lesbian while the last man in line was her favourite – favourite in the way that he’s the one being subjected to most of Bubsie’s jokes.
Moving on, after ordering the men according to their looks, Bubsie decided to do a game show where the men need to buzz by taping their ‘pag-aari’. A crazy buzz sound accompanied each ‘buzzer’which the crowd wilder.
Each question that the men will get wrong will be punished by caressing their chest down to their ‘pag-aari’ if they continued to commit more mistakes. Everyone got the wrong answers for the first and second question that’s why Bubsie funnily caressed their chest down to their belly.
The last question was the most challenging among all because it may sounded very simple but the outcome made the men to regret their answers especially the last man on the line.
What was the last question about?  Find out by watching the following video:


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