Thursday, December 15, 2016

VIDEO: This Man Is So Emotional, His Reason WIll Make You Relate and Cry


The holiday season is fast approaching and many have already a lot of plans for the coming vacation. Not to mention, 2 more days were added as non-working holidays before the year 2016 closes. With all the plans on your mind, we ask you, do you have all the resources to make all your plans work?
This guy in the video shared by the facebook page of Filipino Vines represents the individuals whose plans this holiday season are nothing but just a big sketch. Funnily, this guy tries to revive his wallet from sudden death by giving it some chest pumps and mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Of course, no matter how hard he tries, the amount of cash inside it won’t multiply unless miracle happens. Despite knowing this, he still continued to revive his wallet as if it’s a human that needs to come back to life. Reality hit him, after trying for several times, he gave up and just rolled and cried on the floor.

The 32-second video now gained more than 2 million views in just weeks. Many netizens were able to relate and admitted that their salary and 13th month pay vanish in just one go while some shared how difficult it is to budget despite having 13th month and bonuses.
 Were you able to relate with this guy and the online mob? We’re pretty sure you did.

 Watch the video here <-------


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