Friday, December 2, 2016

VIDEO: This Girl Is the Most Beautiful Taxi Driver In Japan, Meet Ikuta Kana


You’ll be very lucky, if you get a chance to ride in this lady’s cab in Japan. Find out more about her by watching the following video.

Meet Ikuta Kana, a female taxi driver in Japan dubbed as the most beautiful and sexiest in her profession. Many local and foreign passengers are surprised every time they get a chance to ride in Ikuna Kata’s taxi for the obvious fact that it’s very unusual to see such beautiful and sexy taxi driver who will take them to their desired destinations safe and sound.

Before manoeuvring the wheel, Ikuta Kana debuted as a gravure idol or a male magazine model. Since modelling isn’t a stable job, Ikuta Kana decided to be a taxi driver and joined Asuka Traffic Dream Project where she was able to pass the exam and got her license.  Not to mention, only 2% passed the said exam.

Ikuta Kana only drives in limited routes including Shibuya, Ebisu and Naka-Meguro and sometimes recommends to tourist passengers her favourite places in the country for them to visit.
Apart from being a model and a taxi driver, Ikuta Kana is also dubbed as “Miss Asuka” which includes another duty of representing the company on various projects such as guesting in TV programs.

Ikuta Kana was born in 1991 in Nagano.

Pack now your bags and head to Japan because you might be one of the lucky passengers of Ikuta Kana.


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