Friday, December 2, 2016

VIDEO : Man Cries For A Dead Pet Cat, This is Heartbreaking


All of us have that very soft spot for animals especially for our pets. It really hurts when the time comes for their departure to the next life, no matter how delicate we treat them. Watch this owner as he grieves for his dead cat, this will certainly break your heart.

This video shared by facebook page has brought the vulnerability out of pet owners. As a pet owner, it was so hurting to watch this scene because you can see yourself in this man’s shoes when the time comes for you and your pet to be separated.

As the video progressed, the owner’s emotion escalated. He was wailing the whole time as he caressed his dead cat’s body. There were moments that he carried his cat and pressed it against his chest as if it was his child that he raced for years.

Since the owner was still on the denial stage, one scene showed that he tried to revive his pet but in the end gave the corpse his last kiss as tears of sorrow fell from his eyes.

Going through the comments, many netizens expressed their sympathy towards the owner and told that they were able to feel what the owner had felt as he grieves for his dead cat. One netizen said that sometimes pets can provide a certain type of comfort that people need.

As of this writing, this video has reached more than 100K views.


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