Tuesday, December 13, 2016

VIDEO: Cute Couple of 2016 ( Relationship Goals )


Finding the right person for you can be a challenge that’s why many just wait for the right person to come to their lives but once you’re already with the right one, all the moments that you share seem to feel very surreal.

The video of this real life couple caught the attention of the Netizens by how they spend their intimate time together. Watch the following video to see what we’re talking about.

Being comfortable with partner makes you explore a lot of things especially when both of you have all the time and place for only the two of you. Well, don’t be too ‘imaginative’ because this couple featured in this video felt very contented and happy without going too intimate.

The couple in this 7-million hit video doesn’t have to feed everyone’s ‘fantasies’ for them to hit this mark because all they have to do was to cuddle each other. Yes, despite they were only the people in the place, they remained very wholesome and the guy’s respect for his girlfriend prevailed.
Before the video ends, few photos were shared showing the couple’s ‘couple goal’ shots. The last photo melted our hearts because the guy went on his knees to propose to his girlfriend which made the girl cry in joy.

Although this video was posted a year ago, many netizens continues to revisit or rewatch the video to feed their hearts with a genuine love as demonstrated by this couple.


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