Sunday, December 4, 2016

VIDEO: Americans Chooses Maine Mendoza Over Liza Soberano


 Two celebrities are matched up to compete who wins the hearts of the people of the internet and in Fomo Daily, we shall find out the gist of who is who and which is which between the two phenomenal stars Maine Mendoza and Liza Soberano! This is a tough fight and let’s find out who shall win the Fomo Daily FTW challenge!

There are six Americans who shall judge and decide who shall earn the title on which they preferred the most. They will have to check on the stars’ Instagram account, their TV advertisements, and they breakthrough movie. For the first round, their IG accounts shall account and from there, they commented that Maine is really cute and is like a “real person” in terms of her IG posts and they feel most connected into that. Liza, on the other hand, they say, is really beautiful however, they noticed that her IG posts are too much “ad-infested” and that “she doesn’t have to advertise herself that much.” So the first round crown goes to Maine Mendoza for being more real and the connection she gives to her fans in her IG posts.

For Round 2, they watched the two’s TV ads of Nescafe. They loved the vibes of Maine’s ad with Alden Richards that it was so sophisticated and glamorous. On Liza’s, they found her very charming as well as her leading man, Enrique Gil. However, they find Maine’s ad to be more stylish and exploding with glam that they would have to vote for Maine.

For the last round, it was a battle between the movies they starred on: “Imagine You & Me” [Starring Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza] versus “Everyday I Love You” [Starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano ft. Gerald Anderson]. It was a tough decision between the critics because both had very diverse plots and they commended Liza’s film to have a very nice conundrum. They had trouble to choose between the two but however, Maine Mendoza slayed the decisions and earned a 3-0 vote against Liza Soberano. So it was Maine Mendoza FOR THE WIN!

Fans had varied reaction regarding the video done by Fomo Daily, some reacted negatively for the decision being biased and so and so. However, we also think that Maine and Liza are beautiful on their own way. They are unique individuals with diverse personalities and we think personally, that each can shine in their own way. Bad vibes not allowed! Spread the love!


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