Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Vice Ganda " HINUBARAN Sa SET " Caught On Camera


This could be the most revealing shot that Vice Ganda has gone so far. Without his idea, his friend and co-host Vhong Navarro plotted Vice Ganda’s most embarrassing moment yet caught on cam. Watch the video to find out.

Vice Ganda consistently rocks all her sorts of outfits from the formal ones down to one-piece outfits. Although he showed a lot of skin in public most especially during her concert, it is still surprising to see a video of him showing his almost all.

This video shared by Vhong on Instagram proved that his relationship with Vice Ganda as his close friend has gone to another level in terms of comfort. Without offense meant but just entirely for fun, Vhong filmed Vice Ganda as he was changing his pants inside their dressing room.
At first, Vice Ganda thought only the people around would see him taking his pants off but little did he know that he was being filmed. When the unkabogable star found out, immediately, he pulled his shirt down to cover his under garment.

Few seconds later, he rode the joke and teasingly stood up to show a part of his flesh but instantly realized that he has an wholesome image to protect. The people around including Billy Crawford and Ryan Bang would not believe that Vice has a wholesome image to protect and just laugh out loud by the embarrassment that he’s experiencing as of the moment.
Before the day ends, Vice Ganda took revenge by taking photos of Vhong Navarro shirtless inside his dressing room.