Monday, December 5, 2016

This Filipina Could Be The Next KPOP Star


In one of the most prestigious talent search in South Korea, a Filipina stood and blew away the judges with her jaw-dropping performance. Watch her performance below and see for yourself.

Every year many teens in Korea and across asia are hoping to be the next K-pop star to be launched by one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Korea. This rare opportunity opens its doors to teens and young adults who have what it takes to be a K-pop superstar and among them is Chrisha Choo.
Chrisha Choo is a half-filipino, half-american K-pop star aspirant who tried her luck during this year’s K-pop star hunt audition where she faced the CEOs of top entertainment agencies in the country. The moment Choo stepped on stage she had already given an impression by introducing herself through singing. Not to mention, at first glance, both YG and JYP were lost for word because of her pretty which they compared to Olivia Hussey.

Apart from her pretty looks, Choo also showed off her vocal range by singing K-pop trio song “I Don’t Love You” by Urban Zakapa which is more challenging because she’s not very familiar with the language plus, it is not a solo song. Despite these, the FilAm K-pop aspirant was able to give justice to the song.

Since being a K-pop star doesn’t only require vocal skills, Choo also prepared a dance choreography where she interpreted Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend”.

With all effort that she showed, did Choo pass the audition?


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