Sunday, December 11, 2016

SHOCKING VIDEO : Villagers Found this Giant Snake


While we all know that to maintain the balance of the world and of the ecosystems that are existing, there comes of course life and death, and for that, there is the predator and the prey. It is in the nature of predators to hunt for a prey for their next meal, however, this shocking video taken from a small village in Indonesia, found a shocking discovery on their backyard.

Two men, circled around a large boa constrictor and the reason why? The snake had apparently swallowed two whole goats for a meal! The villagers have found the snake with an unusually huge lump on its belly and to their surprise, it was not what they expected for a snake to eat. This was the largest ever documented using a video footage uploaded by a seemingly concerned citizen lately on Facebook. They were apparently struggling with the massive snake, but they stated clear enough that they will not be killing the snake. In the video, you can still hear a faint sound coming from the belly of the snake possibly the goat screaming while inside the predator’s stomach. At first, netizens were in doubt of the legitimacy of the video as well as the two goats that rested within the stomach of the snake, until they have received confirmation that indeed, what was inside were the poor goats who have been the snake’s meal for lunchtime. The video uploaded by Facebook user, Akouck Joe Gank, garnered over 1.6 million views and have been share for about 18,000 times.

While it is a well-known fact that the ecosystem is an endless cycle of predator and prey, predators have been always the subject of brutality and killing when they only did was respond to the feral nature the Mother Earth has bestowed upon them.


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