Friday, December 16, 2016

Missing Boy Found After Being Stucked Inside a Wall For 2 Years.


A missing boy has finally found after two years. The boy was all in one piece after he was rescued by officials. Watch the actual video here.

According to news, a singing voice was heard by the villagers coming from the inside of the wall every time they pass by it. The often encounter brought scare to the village which lead them to report the incident to the authorities.

After receiving the report, the authorities decided to crush the wall and much to their surprise the voice that the villagers heard came not from or just their imagination but from a boy who was trapped inside the concrete wall for two years.

As seen in the video, the boy has shed a lot of weight but the thing that quite disappointed us was there was no medic or anyone who came to the boy and helped him gain his balance back.
Despite being trapped for two years, the boy was able to survive without anyone knowing that he’s inside the wall to think that human won’t survive at least for a week or two without any water or food.
How did he survive? This is also the question bothering the netizens who got to see the video. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up story on how this boy got into the wall and survived for 2 years.


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