Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lee Min Ho Does The GWIYOMI


Filipinos are really hooked up nowadays on the Korean culture because of the TV Shows that feature K-Drama (Korean Drama) with awesome plots and nice twists of stories, and the new song genre, KPOP (Korean Pop) where celebrities like Sandara Park of 2NE1 and other groups like Big Bang, EXO, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation are getting Filipino men and woman crazy over their fashion statement and their upbeat music.

But not only does this get the attention of the Philippines, but as well as the stars like Lee Min Ho are getting a handful of fans that they are internationally popular among all people in the world. Lee Min Ho was even invited by the Bench PH to model a line of men’s garments and if that would not explain his popularity here in the Philippines, we don’t know what would do but this guy had managed to have sold-out concert here in the Philippines. He had a show as well where his fans lost their mind when he did the song craze “Gwiyomi” where one would sing it while doing cute gestures and poses. It was a popular song back then and was still popular until now. Lee Min Ho was so adorable when he was asking the host on what to do and he was doing all this cute poses and even though he is completely clueless on how to do the gwiyomi, he was still trying to sing it shyly which his fans extremely found it cute and adorable they wanna kiss Lee Min Ho and put him in the bag to take him home.

Lee Min Ho has starred a lot of K-Drama that debuted on the Philippine TV like the series “The Heirs” (2013), “Faith” (2012), “City Hunter” (2011), and the very popular,     Meteor Garden of South Korea, “Boys Over Flowers” (2009).


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