Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kim Domingo dances Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” Wearing Only this


The new “Pantasya ng Bayan” Kim Domingo has again shocked the online world with her recently uploaded video showing her grace and sizzling assets. Before hitting the play button, better look for a cooler place because this will make you sweat without exerting any effort.

Wearing only a spaghetti top and cute undies, Kim Domingo fed her fans as well as her followers with a very teasing dance in the tune of “Starving” by Hailee Steinfelds. The 27-second video was filled with hotness as Kim grooves with the beat at the same time exposing her assets ,  her angelic face and her overly white porcelain-looking skin.

It’s already given that Kim is gorgeous but when she wears geeky glasses and tied her hair up, made her look more enticing. Of course, boys went wilder when she bits her lips which she did sometime during the last seconds of the video.

Speaking of boys, we read a couple of comments about this new viral video of Kim Domingo and as expected, most of the netizens fell head over heels again to Kim Domingo. Not to mention, even girls experienced a bit of gender issue while watching the video.

As of this writing, Kim Domingo’s “Starving” dance video has now reached more than 2 million views in less than a week after it was uploaded. This number is still expected to sky rocket on the coming days due to the tagged comments.


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