Monday, December 5, 2016

His Student Is Always Late At School , The Reason Will Make You Cry


Admittedly, there were some points in our life that we bring out our playful side and this phase of our life at its peak was during the days when we were still students. Along with this phase, we will never forget the memory of being punished by our teachers because of our hard headedness.

In this video that you are about to see, you may first think that this student was one of the naughtiest students in class because everyday his teacher punishes him due to tardiness. Just like how our teachers punished us before, the teacher in the story slams the palm of his student using a ruler and this punishment was not done once or twice but every day.

Later in the story, the teacher while he was on his way to school saw his student riding a bicycle and travelling opposite his direction. Because of curiosity and his desire to find out the reason why his student always comes late in class, he secretly followed his student.

The teacher’s heart melted when he saw that his student was hardly working in the morning before he comes to class. He moved from house to house to delivery newspapers and after finishing his task, he immediately heads to school to attend his classes.

Upon knowing the reason why his student comes late to class, instead of slamming his tired hand, he grabbed his student and gave him a warm hug.

This short film serves as a wake up call to students who always take their studies for granted. Feel blessed and count your blessings because the life you’re living today might just be a dream for some people.


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