Sunday, December 4, 2016

FUNNY : Melai Cantiveros Does The British 101 WIth Cute Little Xia


Who wouldn’t possibly know the cute little girl who speaks in British accent? Of course! It is no other than Xia! Or Xiamara Sophia Vigor in real life. This adorable fella is featured lately on Magandang Buhay, a show hosted by stars like Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal.

Xia teaches the two hosts [Melai and Jolina] on how to speak on a British accent which really won the hearts of many Filipinos when it comes to her speaking the accent. She starts off by saying how to properly say ‘Harry Potter’ on a British accent, and how it sounded like this girl came straight right out of the movie wherein most of the actors spoke the same accent. Xia would also tell them how to say ‘airport’: “Instead of saying ‘airport’ [eyr-port], you say, ‘airport’ [ehr-powt].” Melai imitated how the girl said the word and she said, “Para namang umuutot yung bibig mo! ‘erpot’, ‘pot…pot…pot…’ Hahahahaha! [It’s like your mouth is farting! ‘erpot’, ‘pot…pot…pot…’ Hahahahaha!”

She also taught the hosts and the audience on how there are some terms in England that are quite different on what they call in America. “In England, instead of saying ‘CR’ [Comfort Room], we say, ‘Loo’.” And by far we all know that in England, they don’t call the elevator an “elevator” but instead, the call it a “lift”. Xia knew very much of the English culture and was now being immersed into the Filipino culture.

Xia was first seen on a touching Nido Milk commercial and has joined the talent search in It’s Showtime!  called “Mini Me” and there, she was first discovered and easily adored for being a little girl who speak so fluently using the British accent.  She had a lot of TV guesting from then on and was being honed by the Kapamilya network to possibly be one of their new batches of child stars.


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