Thursday, December 8, 2016

Father Emotional After His Sons Gave Him A Surprised Gift , A Brand New Car


 Want some surprised gift ideas to your love ones ? Well  we recommend you to watch this viral video about a group of sons gave their father a surprised , A fully paid brand new white  car. You'll gonna love this video

There have been a lot of points in our life wherein we have made our parents cry out of heartbreak and disappointment, and we never really got a chance to make up for all the sacrifices they have made for us to live a nice life, and it was an unexplainable joy in the heart to see them smile when you have accomplished something that have made them really appreciate it, and it’s a rare episode to happen because most of the time, we always take them for granted. However, there has been a viral video lately on Facebook about the brothers who, after having studies and work on nice companies, is right here to give back to their beloved father. The uploader, Nilo Dela Cruz, and his brothers have decided to give back to their father by gifting him a very special surprise that would surely make their father’s life at ease. They have their father on a setup wherein they were going to surprise him by giving him a brand new car!

According to Nilo’s caption: “Dad, this gift is not enough to suffice all your sacrifices you made, your selfless love and your service to the Lord. This is God’s blessing, He just used us to bring this for you. Sa wakas! After almost 3 decades of your mission in Pandi, hindi ka na magji-jeep o sasabit sa jeep, o kaya sa tricycle at sobrang matatagtag sa daan. Dad, sobrang saya naming magkakapatid na ngayon makakabawi na kami sa inyo. Maraming maraming salamat po Dad at mahal na mahal po namin kayo. Kaya ngayon, enjoy your new Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016! WE LOVE YOU DAD!”

It was very heartwarming to see that the father was in great surprise and he even hesitated first to receive such great gift but his sons insisted that it was already fully paid! The father cannot hold his feelings anymore that he cried tears of intense joy. It was evident on his face that he is very grateful for having loving children like Nilo and his brothers. It was a rewarding feeling indeed for the children to be able to give back and paint their parent’s face with joy and laughter and happiness. Nothing in this world can ever replace your family, so treasure it, love it, and always be grateful for every family member is a blessing from the Great Omnipotent Daddy (GOD).

Watch how their dad turned emotional after they surpised him with a brand new white car


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