Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dead Woman Allegedly Out of Her Grave And Walks after Three Years of Deceased


Internet is really filled with a lot of creepy and extraordinary stories including this story of a woman who came back to life three years after she died. Is this another form of hoax?

In Indonesia, villagers in Toraja in South Sulawesi practice a peculiar tradition for the dead bodies. This tradition or ritual is called Ma’nene, or the ceremony of cleaning corpses. As seen in the video, various corpses were dug up from their grave by their families and relatives for them to undergo the said ritual.

The purpose of the ritual is to accompany the spirits of the departed back to their village of origin by walking the corpses back to their home wearing their clothes when they were still alive. The corpses were dragged from where they died following straight lines back to their village.

Way back, the villagers were afraid to die outside their village for the reason that they could no longer be able to return back as spirit to their village.

This means that the corpses do not literally come back to life as claimed by the uploader of the video. The last photos showed in the video are possibly authentic but in that case, the subject in the photograph is alive but just experiencing severe case of skin disease.


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