Thursday, December 22, 2016

Beautiful Gamer Caught Trash talking While Playing DOTA


It’s very unusual to see girls playing video games especially when these games involve team war games such as DOTA which we all know being played by mostly men gamers because other than its bloody content many players do a lot of trash talking as they play the game.

Without you knowing, maybe one of your opponents could be this famous female gamer in the country. Bianca Yao has again marked in the online world for her viral video where she was caught trash talking to her opponents while she’s on the verge of battling her heroes online.

Looking very pissed yet still pretty, Bianca Yao cutely threw her opponents or maybe her teammates with malulutong curses because their battle could be out of their control anymore. At first, she didn’t know that she was being filmed because the shot was done secretly until the videographer showed himself and moved closer to the furious female gamer.

Although she already knew that her actions are being documented, Yao continued to rage and trash talking in front of her laptop with her legs clamped together like a boss.

Did she win the battle? We didn’t know but all we knew was Bianca looked so cute when she’s trash talking to her fellow online gamers.

As of this writing, this video uploaded by Tryke Gutierrez has almost reached half a million views and thousands of love coming from online gamers.


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