Monday, December 5, 2016

Beautiful Budol Budol Girl Scammed 12k Pesos Pretending To be Daughter Of Red Ribbon Owner


They were beyond shocked to know that they have been deceived by a beautiful young lady who pretended to be a daughter of a Red Ribbon owner nearby their restaurant. The incident happened on Robinsons Santiago, in Santiago, Cagayan Valley on a warm, sunny day, little did they know that the beautiful lady that entered their premises shall cause bad luck into their lives.

According to the staff, the girl entered the premises of “Healthy Cravings” and engaged into an amusing conversation with them. She told the staffs that she is the daughter of the Red Ribbon store owner nearby, and based on her looks and appearance (slim, fair-skinned, and wealthy-looking) plus her charismatic attitude and seemingly convincing story, the staffs believed her modus operandi. The Healthy Cravings staff, Bhel Gacosta, shares her story on Facebook to help other people be more aware of the setup those “budol-budol” gang uses. According to Gacosta, the girl asked if the Red Ribbon can exchange some bills with the Healthy Cravings restaurant and even ordered their best-selling items. Gacosta said they even joked about if they can get a taste of one of the cakes Red Ribbon has been selling. The girl, as seen on the CCTV footage, stepped out of the restaurant and in a few minutes, came hustling back holding and giving them a box of cake! This is the time the girl has got the full trust of the Healthy Cravings staff that they have fallen into the trap of the girl. They certainly had no doubts that the girl is indeed a daughter of the owner of Red Ribbon that they have fully entrusted the P12,000 and that they even let her bring the food she have ordered along with the promise she made that she will be back after she have given the money and the food to her dad. Minutes have passed and the girl was nowhere to be seen by then. Gacosta and all the other staffs began to worry that they visited the nearby cake shop and asked whether they knew the girl that entered their restaurant. Into their shock, the Red Ribbon staffs did not know about the girl and neither was she a daughter of the owner because it had no other children except a son.

Gacosta now is in great dilemma of having to pay the amount of P12,000, the money that had been taken from her by a deceivingly attractive young lady because she was the one who was responsible for handling over the money. It is now her problem on how to pay forth for the mistake she has done.


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