Saturday, December 3, 2016

"BAKLA SI WILL " Drunk Aura Said After Beach Party Inside PBB


This season, the PBB  house is filled with regular housemates with very colourful personalities and let’s not forget that one season won’t end with blossoming an intimate relationship between two of the housemates. Watch housemate Aura as she tried to reveal a very important matter with regards to her co-housemate Wil.

It seemed that Aura has fallen head over heels to her co-housemate Wil, the first time she saw him. That feeling blossomed as days go by, thanks to her very supportive housemates who always link her with Wil every time they get the chance to tease the two.

There were few instances that the two were able to talk and spend time together particularly in a challenge where Wil got wounded and Aura came to rescue.

Everything was still very smooth between the two until the house beach party, the time when they can be more intimate with each other. Aura did the first move by giving Wil some ‘intention’ through eye contact. However, Wil didn’t reciprocate the move but just continued partying with the other housemates.

There was a time when Aura wanted to spend some time with Wil where they shared one share but Wil somewhat refused. That was the time when Aura suddenly realized that something was off. She’s doubting about the sexuality of Wil because no matter how intense she ‘flirt’ with him, he doesn’t respond.

 After the airing of the said episode, most viewers thought that Wil might just be not interested to Aura and insisted that he is not gay.


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