Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yaya Dub " HINABOL NG MGA FANS " , Her Reaction Is Very Funny


The all-time favorite Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga star, Maine Mendoza, known as YayaDub and her famous Dubsmash videos that had been popularized on the internet and catapulted her to fame and earned her career on show business.

Maine has been spotted by some "fans" who only asked to have a picture taken with them but the celebrity makes a run for it and tries to always escape the "photo opp" with these "fans". From hiding under racks of clothes, to pretending as a mannequin, and running up on an escalator going down, Maine never failed to put her crazy acts and stunts on this video that went viral on the internet. We noticed  how cute she always reacts whenever these "fans" would catch up to her. Apparently, these fans were Direk Pat and Oreo Black, both were Maine's co-workers on Ea Bulaga. We find it really funny when Meng tries to run crazily to "hide" from these "fans" who always try to catch up with her and of course, this is all for just a show and nothing serious. Knowing Maine as what most of her friends and co-workers say about her, she was more of an introvert but she never lets her fame eat her up to make her fans unlove her for being snobbish. Maine was never like that however. She was more of a good-natured gal who keeps her feet on the ground. There had been peenoise comments flocking regarding her video about her being like thaton the video, but her true-blu fans defended her that it wasn't real and they were all just acting. Some even bashed her for this video but others testify that it was only meant for entertainment only. Maine was a great comedienne nevertheless. Facial expressions and wacky poses and moves make her viewers crack a laugh with her telling an actual joke. Just her face and gestures, she was sure to bring laughter immediately without reservations.


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