Friday, November 11, 2016

WATCH: Unexplained Miracle in the Sky in Israel Caught on Camera


Unexplained phenomena happened in Israel on November 9 (Wednesday) where clouds formed a huge circle in the sky and loud trumpets sound was heard by the citizens. The unexplained event was documented by Hanna J Bhattacharya and uploaded it on Facebook.

The viral post has the caption:

“Unexplained phenomena happened in Israel today. A circle formed in the sky and there was noise like trumpets sounds. Very real. The holy tomb of Jesus Christ is being opened for the first time. This happened in Jerusalem when they unveiled the marble of Lord Jesus tomb. The sounds of horns were heard and the clouds formed a circle. Glory to God”

The post didn’t only include a video showing the creepy phenomena. Bhattacharya also shared few photos showing the tomb of Jesus Christ being opened for the first time same day as the loud horn sound was heard and clouds formed a circular figure in the sky.

Netizens who got to shared their reactions in the comment section thought that the unexplainable event was a sign that judgement day is coming near. Based on the book of revelations, trumpets will be sounded by the angels in heaven and disasters will transpire before the Lord will come to rescue his people again.

As of this writing, the video has gained more than 9 million views in less than a week.
What can you say about this? Is judgement day coming?


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