Wednesday, November 30, 2016

VIDEO: Willie Revillame Gets Very Entertained With A Beautiful Contestant


Well-known for his fun and entertaining variety show fitted for people of all social status and guaranteed 100% hilarious and exciting for its cash prizes that is indeed waited by all, Willie Revillame goes trending for a video that has been shot back then when he was still on TV5 on his show “Willtime Bigtime”. They had a segment wherein they invite contestants from common background (dancer, singer, students with this and that, at ages so and so), and they had a sexy contestant on their segment Kantanong, which Willie find really amusing for her apparent confidence in front of the camera and of the national TV.

Aya, 17 years old, owned the stage with her bagged-up life story. Her mother said that among all her children, Aya is the one with the utmost and overwhelming self-confidence which really showed up on TV. When asked if she has already a boyfriend, she said yes and she immediately tried to put out the fire for her father never knew of the relationship, she immediately said, “PA! May boyfriend ako! Sorry! Mamaya na ko magpapaliwanag pag-uwi! [Pa! I have a boyfriend! Sorry! I’ll explain later when we get home!]”. Her boyfriend stepped into the scene, and when Willie asked if she would meet a man who is of the same age as her boyfriend, young-looking and handsome, has got a car and picks her up and drives her home and starts to court her, how would she react on that? Her response? She started waving her hand towards her boyfriend! Willie asked what does that mean, she responded, “Minsan dapat ginagamit ang utak. HAHAHAHA! [Sometimes you would have to use your brain]”. Willie and the audience laughed out loud on her wacky reactions and responses. When the game began between her and her opponent, she even calls out that the “time is out” and her opponent missed the chance! Watch more of her crazy and wacky stunts and stories here on YouTube. This girl is really exploding with self-confidence!


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