Monday, November 7, 2016

VIDEO: Vice Ganda Emotional Over Angeline Quinto's Personal Joke


True friends know up to what extent they can handle each other, just like close friends Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto. Watch the reason why Vice Ganda almost cried because of Angeline’s joke.
The past episode of GGV featuring the Kapamilya Divas Kyla, KZ Tandingan, Yeng Constantino and Angeline Quinto was filled with different emotions and the highlight was when Vice Ganda showed her vulnerability because Angeline uttered something that made him cry.

The scene started when Vice asked Yeng about the song that she composed for her husband which she revealed “Ikaw”. Then, Angeline commented about the song that she was the first one to hear it. Vice, on the other hand, contradicted and gave his point that Yeng’s husband which he labelled ‘jowa’ should have been the first one to listen to it.

Since Vice and Angeline’s friendship was known by the public as a relationship full of ‘unmeant and funny bullying’, Angeline corrected Vice about his term ‘jowa’ that ‘jowa’ and ‘husband’ is far way different. Witty enough, Vice reiterated ‘jowa’ and ‘husband’ is just the same to most of the people’s perspective.

Then, that was the time when Angeline unintendedly hurt Vice feelings for replying. “Yun ang wala ka.”

Although Angeline didn’t mean to hurt Vice’s feelings, the damage was already done. Vice was quite shocked and wasn’t able to respond instantly. She requested for a ply of tissue to prevent her tears from falling down.
Don’t worry because in the end, the two hugged each other and started bullying one another again.


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