Thursday, November 24, 2016

VIDEO: The Real Meaning Of She She Song Revealed


Few days ago, this video of a student tapping and singing unrecognized words viraled online. Since netizens didn’t know what to call the song, the decision was unanimous to give the song title “She, She” Song. Watch the following video to know the meaning of the song.

As mentioned, the “She, She” song is filled with unrecognized words but luckily, Facebook page Filipino Vines had provided the translation of the song. Just to give you a little bit of information about the song, the “She, She” Song tackles about the giving compliments to its listener particularly female students.

The first few lines of the song tell its listeners that they are the “Pinakamaganda”. This line was uttered few times until on the middle part of the song, he buckled that all the compliments were just a big joke. The last part of the song sent a very important message to female students to focus on their studies first before giving their ‘all’ to their boyfriends, just like what happened to video scandal of a young female student leaked online.

Same with the first and originally uploaded video of the “She, She” song, this reuploaded with translation also hit more than a million views and still counting.

If you ask us about the reaction of the netizens, well, we can say that they again enjoyed watching the video and even tagged some of their friends which may result to more views.
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