Monday, November 21, 2016

VIDEO : Jessy Mendiola reacts About Angel Locsin Getting the Darna Role


Few months ago, there were rumors that the Darna role in its movie adaptation was being offered to Jessy Mendiola after news broke that Angel Locsin won’t be able take the role due to back injury. Now, it is reported that producers are again considering Angel Locsin to take the superhero role on the big screen.

In Darla Sauler’s online show “Double Darla”, the issues between Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin were discussed that included their relationship with Luis Manzano. Rumors surfaced that the reason behind Angel and Luis’ break-up was due to third party which most thought to be Jessy Mendiola.
In all of her interviews, Jessy Mendiola defended that she’s not the reason why Luis and Angel broke up as proven by her actions because she’s not affected at all every time her name was dragged multiple times in the issue.

“Pag alam mong hindi totoo and isang bagay hindi ka maaapektohan,” Jessy responded when asked about Luis-Angel third party issue.

Furthermore, it is in everybody’s knowledge that Jessy Mendiola is one of the celebrities who “eats bash for breakfast”. According to Jessy, being happy counters the negative comments that people throw on her.

On the issue of Angel Locsin taking again the Darna role in its movie adaptation, Jessy confirmed and reiterated that the role was not being offered to her in the first place which is why she’s not entitled to feel disappointed, if the role was again given to Angel Locsin.


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