Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VIDEO : Cheating Girlfriend Caught With Another Man In A Parking Lot


The act of infidelity nowadays doesn’t choose gender because at this age, women already got the guts to cheat in a relationship. What will you if you are in this guy’s shoes catching your girlfriend in the act, in front of your face, that she’s already in love with another man?

This guy certainly made his girlfriend famous in the most negative way possible for catching her together with another man in a parking lot. In the video, the woman was inside her car when suddenly her boyfriend cam equipped with camera.

Listening to the boyfriends way of confronting his girlfriend, we can say that this man was not very surprise seeing his love of his life with another man because he was able to control his temper and kept his cool as he was documenting the unfaithful act and focusing the lens of his camera to the his girlfriend’s other man few times.

The girlfriend, on the other hand, was the one who got pissed and tried to escape the situation by walking herself out but before it happened, there were few things that her boyfriend tried to rub in her face including when his girlfriend slept in his house that week and for pimping her ride using his own money.

The commotion ended when the girl called her dad and walked out from the parking lot as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know what happened to his girlfriend’s lover or how did he handle the ‘other’ man after his girlfriend walked but we guess, the boyfriend also left the area soon and maintained his cool.


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